WordPress Enthusiasts

The Backbone of the Internet

We are a bit biased when it comes to our content management system. We are open-source enthusiasts and believe that WordPress, a free open-source software, is the best choice for webpreneurs of all varieties looking to develop and scale their websites.

As dedicated WordPress professionals, we can offer you our vast knowledge of WordPress and help you maximize its potential. 


Why WordPress?

Free & Inclusive

WordPress is a free software — “free as in beer and free as in speech.”

Here’s how Richard Stallman defined “free software” by “the four freedoms” in the GNU Manifesto created in 1985.

The Four Freedoms

"Think free as in free speech, not free beer." — Richard Stallman

Basically, it’s your right to use it how you’d like, replicate it and make it your own; whether you want to build a website or create an app that launches tacos to the moon, it yours to do with as you see fit. That might seem like a small liberty, but it’s a magnificent feat. 

Mirroring our own beliefs, the “Four Freedoms” reject exclusive practices starting with the main tenet allowing anyone to run the code, for any reason. Without them, there’s disparity between the distribution of information and technology between the technologically rich and the technologically poor.

WordPress wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the four freedoms and contributors around the world who have dedicated themselves to making WordPress the best open source software for modern publishers, for free, for everyone.

User-Friendly Interface

WordPress’ user-friendly UI makes common website updates simple. This user interface is used by web development professionals and internet novices alike. Because of it’s universally friendly administration and thorough documentation and support, WordPress is able to empower webpreneurs of all skill levels to develop profitable websites.

Thriving Plugin Ecosystem

A major bonus for WordPress is it’s massive plugin ecosystem. The WordPress plugin repository provides a wide array of options that add new functionality to your website for free. Beyond the free options in the official repository, there are also many paid offerings from large plugin companies that are rich with features, and are supported by teams of people continuously providing updates and bug fixes. Having these options allows us to create a digital experience tailored to our clients needs at a fraction of the cost of custom development.


At the core of WordPress is the concept that almost anything can be easily extended in code. This philosophy often carries over to many WordPress themes and plugins. This allows us to take an off the shelf solution and take it the last 10% to make it a perfect fit for our customers needs. Now instead of paying for a fully custom solution to fit some unique business needs, we can take the hybrid approach of using off the shelf solutions to provide a majority of the functionality a business will need, and then tweak those solutions so that the customer ends up with exactly what they need.

Battle Tested & Well Supported

Because WordPress has such a large user base every single feature has been tested by millions of users, which makes the platform extremely stable and free of annoying bugs. The large surface area of WordPress on the web also has created a massive community to support the project from all over the globe. These contributors ensure that WordPress is continually providing a great user experience for all of it’s users.

Thriving Community Events

The WordPress community is passionate and thriving. Thousands of community events happen annually around the world, from Meetups to WordCamp conferences. The community welcomes anyone with an interest in WordPress to join these events, and works diligently to eliminate any barrier to entry based on cost, demographic, or skillset. 

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